Quality Policy

The quality policy of the Refelite, Lda, is based on the vision of being a reference the global range of consultancy and supervision services specializing in industrial projects, integrating in the quality management system Risks and opportunities Associated with the company, in order to minimise risks or potentiate the opportunities, in order to seek continuous improvement of services rendered to customers, Translating into commitments:

Safety culture -Be able to work in projects worldwide, respecting a preventive policy of safety at work and environment seeking to meet the legal requirements associated.

Customer Focus – We intend to provide a quality service to the customer, so we have to correspond to the expectations of our clients at the center of our performance.

Results orientation – Maintain long-lasting partnership relationships with our relevant customers and suppliers, evaluating services and engaging them in improving the service provided by Refelite.

Continuous improvement of the quality management system – We seek to provide our services in the highest standards of rigor and perfection, respecting the deadlines outlined, ensuring the legal requirements and the standard applicable to the quality management system facing the same as a dynamic process based on Continuous improvement philosophy.

Quality Policy is communicated within the Organization and is available for consultation by stakeholders in their success; Whenever management considers it necessary is revised in order to maintain its suitability to the organization.

Lourinhã, 8th March 2019
The Management
Rui Henriques